Director's Note | Raj Liberhan - Director, India Habitat Centre

Samanvay –Bhartiya Bhasha Mahotsav–started by the India Habitat Centre is ready to step into its third year. Our country, with so many languages and dialects, lends itself to a remarkable voyage of discovery of the ways in which our over one billion men, women and children convey their emotions, passions, needs and love, agreement and dissent to their fellow living beings. It is true that a language makes conversations. It is true to also say that conversations over centuries have made languages. The phrase, the diction, the nuance of the tense, the careless disregard of grammar have often been equal contributors as much as deference for stanzas, rhymes, structure and form for the richness of the Indian languages.


Samanvay, the India Habitat Centre's Bhartiya Bhasha Mahotsav, began as a celebratory platform for the variety, depth and range of writings and authors in Indian languages. It is a unique endeavour to explore the wide variety and range of our culture as expressed through poetry, novels and performances and build a platform for awareness through conversations and discussions with this creative intellectual repertoire. Bhasha Mahotsav seeks to be engaging and enlarge the canvas to show select writings of a range of languages in each edition. We seek to serve the beginnings of curiosity among readers, for particularly adventurous spirits and those wanting to enrich their landscapes and horizons.

For us at the India Habitat Centre, this celebration is not an event but a cause. All of us in this country find ways of translating our thoughts into words. These words travel the length and breadth of the country. In a sense, the endeavour is to put the face of the author of the word as part of an ongoing conversation amongst listeners and readers. And this is what we want to say through this year's Samanvay – Jodti Zubanein, Judti Zubanein: Language Connections.


It is not only about listeners, readers and authors; it is also about the ethics and ethos of connecting through a language. Language will always speak. A language can also silence. There is meaning in both and our different authors will add to our efforts towards understanding both.