I really enjoyed participating in Samanvay . . . a fantastic event.

- Gillian Wright

As someone who has been relentlessly working for the upliftment of the lesser known languages of India, the festival gave me the opportunity to present the dialectal creativity and highlight the tendency of the ‘Prakritization’ of our literature. The fact that new writing and writers in our major languages are also emerging from small towns and hinterland has been showcased by Samanvay, which I think is its strong point.

- Udaya Narayana Singh

I am particularly happy because I got to meet and interact with a good number of writers from other parts of the country. I believe all the participants would agree that we were very well taken care of. The other particular charm of the festival was its down-to-earth demeanour. All of it could happen because of the relentless efforts put in to make the festival flawless.

- Paramita Satpathy

I have been to a few literature festivals and I’ve never seen such great organisation and wonderful people around. I am happy that a festival like this can bring awareness about all our languages and promote them on one stage. From authors to performers, Samanvay gives every Indian a reason to be proud of their country. Our stories in different languages and regions are deep, profound and prolific. Thanks to Samanvay, we have a chance to experience it all. Hope the festival becomes an international success.

- Madhuri Banerjee

Samanvay deserves applause for providing a national platform to us, to bring forth the actual profile of the Kashmiri language and its tradition.

- Gulshan Badrani

Samanavay is an opportunity to know the people and the literature of all languages and to discuss ways of dealing with the challenges and opportunities of each writer. The festival promises a profound shift in our relationship to literature, writing and the community.

- B. T. Jahnavi